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Queen Gallery



Queen Gallery presents the work of contemporary artists from Toronto and around the world. We have recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary in the Queen East community. Our exhibitions are driven by a comparative exploration of art and culture in an interdisciplinary setting. Housed in a refurbished brownstone, this distinctive space is a forum where the boundaries of media are greeted, embraced and even challenged.

We look to showcase a variety of talent of diverse heritage, aiming to provide the most original, contemporary voices to our collection. You are invited to apply to our gallery roster to grow with us as we navigate contemporary art from a novel perspective.

Submissions may be made directly to us at info@queengallery.ca for our jury’s appraisal. Please contact us for details on the submission process. We are looking forward to having you join our gallery, no matter from where you are coming, or where you hope to be going. Come visit us!

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