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Ricepaper Magazine



Ricepaper is a national quarterly magazine devoted to showcasing Asian-Canadian artists, writers, performers and innovators. We are published by the Asian Canadian Writer’s Workshop, which has assisted Asian Canadian writers in publishing and showcasing their work since 1969.


Ricepaper is a national literary arts magazine committed to providing voice and focus on East Asian and Southeast Asian culture. A forum for inclusive, representative and progressive dialogue, Ricepaper showcases the quality work by artists, scholars, and cultural producers that reflects the diverse interests of Asian Canadians. By providing an alternative to mainstream media for both readers and advertisers, Ricepaper strives to connect the local, national, and global community by challenging the parameters of how Asian Canadians are perceived and defined.

In 1995, Ricepaper had humble beginnings as a newsletter for the Asian Canadian Writers Workshop. Over time, it evolved into a magazine that was distributed coast to coast. Ricepaper has continuously remade itself, changing its design, style and even, in recent years, its size (from a 8.5-by-11-inch magazine size to a 6.5 by 9 inches literary journal size). However, Ricepaper has been consistent in its commitment to providing a voice to a vibrant and evolving Asian Canadian identity and culture and a venue for inclusive, representative and progressive dialogue.

Ricepaper is published four times a year by the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop, is distributed by Magazines Canada and Emma Marian Ltd. and is printed by Hemlock Printers Ltd.