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Shinsedai Cinema Festival



新世代 shinsedai [shĭn·sā·dī], trans. “New Generation”

The Shinsedai Cinema Festival, an annual showcase of the best in new, independent and rarely seen Japanese films. Conceived of by programmers Chris MaGee (The J-Film Pow-Wow) and Jasper Sharp (Midnight Eye) in 2009, as a way of expanding people's ideas of what films from Japan are and can be, The 4th annual Shinsedai Festival will be coming to Toronto's Revue Cinema (400 Roncesvalles Ave.) between July 12th and July 15th, 2012. Insightful dramas, quirky comedies, hard-hitting documentaries, experimental shorts, and more... all from Japan's new generation of filmmakers; The Shinsedai Cinema Festival will be an event that film fans will not want to miss!

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