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South Asian Gallery of Art



South Asian Gallery of Art (SAGA) has been established to promote, exhibit and sell works of emerging and established South Asian artists in North America.

It enables South Asian artists to collectively present their work and provides lovers of South Asian art and antiquities an up-to-date source of events, exhibitions, auction sales and reviews.

It offers advise and guidance to private and corporate collectors on acquisition/lease rental of South Asian art and antiquities.

It works in collaboration with artist run centres/galleries in arranging local and international curated exhibitions, artist talks and shows.

SAGA is managed by a professional team of individuals led by Ali Adil Khan who is a global citizen. He was born in India, raised in Pakistan, educated in the United States, worked in Europe, Australia and the Far East, and now living in Canada for the past 12 years. He takes keen interest in promoting South Asian art and is well known in the South Asian art circles of Toronto. He is on the Board of South Asian Visual Art Collective (SAVAC) and is a member of Friends of South Asia (FSA) of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto. He is a proud sponsor of various South Asian art and cultural events taking place in the greater Toronto area.

Other key member of the SAGA professional team is Shehla Khan. Shehla is an interior designer and art consultant.

SAGA advisory board comprises of four reputed South Asian artists from the greater Toronto area: Youngo Verma (India) Asma A. Mahmood (Pakistan) Syed Iqbal (Bangladesh) Frances Ferdinands (Sri Lanka)

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