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Xi Feng




I was born and raised in China. Through a school program, I came to Québec to pursue studies in Multimedia and Fine Arts. I'm now based in Montreal, working for Documentary films in editing/post-production. Meanwhile, I'm also developing my personal video/film projects.

Fascinated by and being trained on different art forms, especially drawing, dance and music, I'm exploring my vision and style mainly through time-based media and other form of collaboration.

Living and traveling in various cultures and languages environment, I more and more reflect on my culture from afar, analyze its influence on my thoughts, while embracing other culture experiences. With the enthusiasm on Chinese traditional and ethnic arts, equally on western contemporary arts namely dance,music and films, I then started to search a new identity of self through experimental and poetic imagery. "Language", "movement", "texture" and "color" are my four elements. "Emotion", "relationships", "existence" and "change" always give me questions to searching for answers.

A sense of nostalgic, poetic, classical esthetics combine with the conceptual, unconventional and the avant-garde, I'm pushing my art towards something that's at the same time unique and universal.

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