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[edit] Authors

An invitation of Chinese Canadian writers to China in 2013 has created a response of interests in Canada and in China to share and access Chinese Canadian authors. The intention of this page is to provide a resource of Asian Canadian authors and selected titles for educators, institutions, and academic departments in Canada, China, and for all those interested.

You are welcome to create a profile page of an Asian Canadian author and contribute to this resource list of Asian and Chinese Canadian authors and titles.

Publications will appear on the respective author wiki page, if available.

Please note that the source material for this profile page was collected directly from the authors as a consequence of an interest to expand the choice of Chinese Canadian books in the library of Beijing University.

Page Extended title Author Year of Publication
A Blossom Like No Other A Blossom Like No Other-Li Qingzhao Wei Djao 2010
A Grain of Rice Evelyn Lau 2012
A Kiss Behind the Monkey Bars A Kiss Behind the Monkey Bars-Stories by Four New Writers Jennifer Lee 2004
A Spy in the House Y.S.Lee 2010
A Time of Golden Dragons Song Nan Zhang 2006
Alphabet Zen Alphabet Zen-Poems Bing He 2005
Among Fred Wah 1972
An Ocean Apart An Ocean Apart-the Gold Mountain Diary of Chin Mei-Ling Gillian Chan 2004
Anthropy Ray Hsu 2004
Articulate Silences Articulate Silences-Hisaye Yamamoto, Maxine Hong Kingston, Joy Kogawa King-kok Cheung 1993
Asian Canada-An ‘Alternate Asian America’? Lisa R. Mar 6/15/2010
Asian Canadian Cultural Activism Xiaoping Li 2007
Asian Canadian Writing Beyond Autoethnography Eleanor Ty
Christl Verduyn
Awakening the Dragon Awakening the Dragon-the Dragon Boat Festival Arlene Chan 2004
Banana Boys Terry Woo 2005
Baroque A Nova Kevin Chong 2001
Beauty Plus Pity Kevin Chong 2011
Being Chinese-Voices from the Diaspora Wei Djao 2003
Belinda's Rings Belinda's Rings-A Novel Corinna Chong 2013
Bellydancer S.K.Y. Lee 1994
Beyond Silence-Chinese Canadian Literature in English Lien Chao 1997
Beyond the Dance Han Goh Chan
Beyond the Golden Mountain Beyond the Golden Mountain-Chinese Cultural Tradition in Canada Ban Seng Hoe 1989
Beyond the Moongate Beyond the Moongate-True Stories of 1920s China Elizabeth Quan 2013
Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures Vincent Lam 2006
Break the Frame, Like Mangoes in July Break the Frame, Like Mangoes in July-The Work of Richard Fung. Ed. Helen Lee and Kerri Sakamoto Lisa Lowe 2002
Brokering Belonging Brokering Belonging-Chinese in Canada’s Exclusion Era, 1885-1945 Lisa R. Mar 2010
Butcher's Block Deanna Fong 2008
Certainty Madeleine Thien 2007
China Dog and Other Tales from a Chinese Laundry Judy Fong Bates 1997
China Doll Marjorie Chan 2004
Chinatown Ghosts Jim Wong-Chu 1986
Chinatowns-Towns within Cities in Canada David Chuenyan Lai 1988
Chinese Canadians-Voices from a Community Evelyn Huang
Lawrence Jeffery
Claire and the Bakery Thief Janice Poon 2008
Contents of a Mermaid’s Purse Phoebe Tsang 2009
Daughters of the Red Land Yan Li 1995
Dead Girls Nancy Lee 2002
Deadly Slipper Deadly Slipper-A Novel of Death in the Dordogne Michelle Wan 2005
Desperately Seeking Susans Yi Mei Tsiang 2013
Dialogue Pham Truong Thien 1975
Diamond Grill Fred Wah 1996
Dragon and the Maple Leaf Dragon and the Maple Leaf-Chinese Canadians in World War II Wong Marjorie 1994
Enacting the Asian Canadian Christopher Lee Winter 2008
Enduring hardship-the Chinese laundry in Canada Ban Seng Hoe 2003
Enter the Chrysanthemum Fiona Tinwei Lam 2009
Escape to Gold Mountain Escape to Gold Mountain-a Graphic History of the Chinese in North America David Wong 2012
Express Funeral and Other Stories Hien The Chu 1996
Fish Bones Gillian Sze 2009
For Today I am a Boy Kim Fu 2014
Forage Rita Wong 2007
From China to Canada From China to Canada-A History of the Chinese Communities in Canada Harry Con
Ronald J. Con
Graham Johnson
Edgar Wickberg
William Willmott
Future Asians Future Asians-Migrant Speculations, Repressed History & Cyborg Hope Larissa Lai Fall 2004
Ghost Train Paul Yee 1996
Ghostly Foundations Ghostly Foundations-Multicultural Space and Vancouver’s Chinatown in Sky Lee’s Disappearing Moon Café Daniel Martin 2013
Gingko Kitchen Louise Bok 1997
Gold Mountain-The Chinese in the New World Anthony B.Chan 1983
Heterogeneity, Hybridity, Multiplicity Heterogeneity, Hybridity, Multiplicity-Marking Asian American Differences Lisa Lowe 1991
How the Chinese Created Canada Adrian Ma 2010
Hui Gui: A Chinese Story Elsie Sze 2005
Inalienable Rice Inalienable Rice-A Chinese & Japanese Canadian Anthology, Garrick Chu
Sean Gunn
Paul Yee
Ken Shikaze
Linda Uyehara Hoffman
Rick Shiomi
Ingratitude Ying Chen 1998
Interracial Encounters Interracial Encounters-Reciprocal Representations in African and Asian American Literatures, 1896-1937 Julia H. Lee 2011
Intimate Distances Fiona Tinwei Lam 2002
Is A Door Fred Wah 2010
Is There An Asian Canadian Theatre in Vancouver? Is There An Asian Canadian Theatre in Vancouver? Asian Canadian Theatre. Ed. Nina Lee Aquino and Ric Knowles Adrienne Wong 2011
Jin Guo Jin Guo-Voices of Chinese Canadian Women Chinese Canadian National Council
Women's Book Committee.
Lady in the Red Dress David Yee 2010
Lardeau Fred Wah 1965
Li Ka-shing-Hong Kong's Elusive Billionare Anthony B.Chan 1996 and 2007
Lig & Bittle Elyne Quan
Jared Matsunaga-Turnbull
Like Mangoes in July Like Mangoes in July-The Work of Richard Fung Helen Lee
Kerri Sakamoto
Linking African American Ghettos and Chinatowns in 19th Century America Linking African American Ghettos and Chinatowns in 19th Century America-Implications for Criminological Theory Phillip Chong Ho Shon
Anthony B. Chan
Little Daily Miracles ’Little Daily Miracles’-Global Desires, Haunted Memories, and Modern Technologies in Madeleine Thien’s Certainty.” Moving Migration: Narrative Transformations in Asian American Literature. Ed. Johanna C. Kardux and Doris Einsiedel Eleanor Ty 2010
Lives of the Family Denise Chong 2013
Living Under Plastic Evelyn Lau 2010
Love Figures Sam Cheuk 2008
Maggie's Chopsticks Alan Woo 2012
Many Mouthed Birds Bennett Lee
Jim Wong-Chu
Maps of Our Bodies & the Borders We Have Agreed Upon Taien Ng-Chan 2005
Miah Miah-Stories Julia Lin 2012
Migration Songs Anna Quon 2009
Millennium Messages Millennium Messages-An Anthology of New Asian Canadian Expressions Kenda D.Gee
Wei Wong
ACWW Society of Edmonton
Mountain Fred Wah 1967
Mrs. Spring Fragrance Sui Sin Far 2011
Mutant Bodies in Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl Mutant Bodies in Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl-Challenging the Alliance Between Science and Capital Tara Lee 2004
Noise from the Laundry Weyman Chan 2008
Oedipal Dreams Evelyn Lau 1992
Once Upon a Full Moon Betty Quan 2007
Other Women Evelyn Lau 1996
Out of the Blue Out of the Blue-a Memoir of Workplace Depression, Recovery, Redemption and, Yes, Happiness Jan Wong 2012
Passage to Promise Land Vivienne Poy 2013
Performing Asian Canadian Performing Asian Canadian-The Theatrical Dimension of a Grassroots Activism, Asian Canadian Theatre. Xiaoping Li
Nina Lee
Rick Knowles
Perpetually Cool-The Many Lives of Anna May Wong, 1905-1961 Anthony B.Chan 2003
Ralphy to the Rescue Trevor Lai 2007
Reading Asian American Literature Reading Asian American Literature- From Necessity to Extravagance Sau-ling Wong
Cynthia Wong
Red China Blues Red China Blues-My Long March From Mao to Now Jan Wong 1996
Remapping Vancouver Remapping Vancouver:Composing Urban Spaces in Contemporary Asian Canadian Writing Glenn Deer 2011
Righting Canada's Wrongs Righting Canada's Wrongs: The Chinese Head Tax and Anti-Chinese Immigration Policies in the Twentieth Century Arlene Chan 2014
Room for All of Us Room for All of Us-Surprising Stories of Loss and Transformation Adrienne Clarkson 2011
Ru Kim Thuy 2009
Runaway Runaway-Diary of a Street Kid Evelyn Lau 1988
Salt Fish Girl Larissa Lai 2002
Sapphic Traffic Sapphic Traffic-hort Fiction Suki Lee 2003
Slant Andy Quan 2001
Smoke and Fire-The Chinese in Montreal Kwok B. Chan 1991
So Far Fred Wah 1991
Sojourners in the North Lily Chow 2000
Speculations and (dis)identification Speculations and (dis)identification-Notes on Asian Canadian Women Writers Karyln Koh 1996
Strike the Wok Strike the Wok-New Chinese Canadian Anthology Lien Chao
Jim Wong-Chu
Swallowing Clouds Swallowing Clouds-An Anthology of Chinese Canadian Poetry 1999 Andy Quan
Jim Wong-Chu
Sweet Devilry Yi Mei Tsiang 2012
Tales From Gold Mountain Tales From Gold Mountain-Stories of the Chinese in the New World Paul Yee 1989 1990
The Asianadian The Asianadian-An Asian Canadian Magazine Anthony B.Chan 1978-1985 24 issues Vols 1-6
The Better Mother Jen Sookfong Lee 2011
The China Challenge Vivienne Poy
The Chinese Community in Toronto: Then and Now The Chinese Community in Toronto: Then and Now Arlene Chan 2013
The Chinese in Canada Jin Tan
Patricia Roy
The Chinese in Toronto from 1878 The Chinese in Toronto from 1878-From Outside to Inside the Circle Arlene Chan 2011
The Concubine's Children Denise Chong 1994
The Dream of Gold Mountain Julia Kwong 1991
The Evergreen Country The Evergreen Country-A Memoir of Vietnam Thuong Vuong-Riddick 2007
The Excluded Wife Yuen-Fong Woon 1998
The Family China Ann Shin 2013
The Fragrant Garden The Fragrant Garden Day's Lee 2005
The Fred Wah Digital Archive Susan Rudy
The Grasslands: A Novel of Adventure Set Upon His Majesty’s New World Kenneth Tam 2008
The Headmaster's Wage Vincent Lam 2012
The Hidden Treasure Rouwen Wang 2007
The Jade Peony Wayson Choy 1995
The Measure of a Man JJ. Lee 2011
The Moon Festival The Moon Festival-a Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Arlene Chan 1999
The Mystery of the Graffiti Ghoul Marty Chan 2006
The Palm Leaf Fan and Other Stories Kwai-yun Li 2006
The Place Called Absence Evelyn Huang
Lawrence Jeffery
The Rainbow Rocket Fiona Tinwei Lam 2013
The Same Woman Thea Lim 2007
The Spirit of the Dragon The Spirit of the Dragon-the Story of Jean Lumb, a proud Chinese Canadian Arlene Chan 1997
The Tears of Chinese Immigrants Yuen Chung Yip 1990
The Walking Boy The Walking Boy-A Novel Lydia Kwa 2005
Thief With Leaf Brian Chan 1988
Three Souls Janie Chang 2013
Throwaway Daughter Ting-xing Ye 2003
Title Extended title Author Year of Publication
Transfer and Other Stories Huamei Han 2004
Tree Fred Wah 1972
Unfasteneds Unfastened-Globality and Asian North American Narratives Eleanor Ty 2010
Vancouver Chinatown, 1960-1980 Vancouver Chinatown, 1960-1980-A Community Perspective Hayne Y.Wai 1998
Waiting for Saskatchewan Fred Wah 1985
West Coast Chinese Boy Sing Lim 1991
When Fox is a Thousand Larissa Lai 1995
Wild Cat Wild Cat-Stories of the Cultural Revolution Jia-lin Peng 1990
Yellow Peril Reconsidered Paul Wong
You Are Not Who You Claim Evelyn Lau 1990

[edit] Authors (Chinese Origin)

[edit] Authors (Japanese Origin)

Kogawa, Joy. Obasan, Penguin Canada, Toronto, 1983 (Lester & Orpen Dennys, Toronto 1981, Anchor Books, New York 1994)

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